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Professor Hughdini

is known all around Houston, Tx and beyond for his thrilling and dazzling style of magic. Having first been exposed to the art over 30 years ago in Houston, Tx and after many years of countless performances The Professor has perfected his own style of magic manipulation and costume.

Professor Hughdini magical entertainment talents range from intimate closeup miracles to his astounding stage routines which include amazing feats of illusion, comedy, and birds which entertains all ages.

If you have something specific in mind for your magical entertainment event Professor Hughdini can customize his performances to fit literally any size, demographic, and location of his audience. With over 30 years in the entertainment industry in Houston,Tx. Professor Hughdini has the experience and knowledge to help your event run smooth and guarantee a successful evening of magical entertainment that will be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Lets Get Your Party Started!

If youre looking for some magical entertainment for your special event, youve come to the right place. Professor Hughdini a service you for a variety of occasions including an event you do, another event you do and more!

We offer a hands-on that allows you to get involved as much as you want. Have an you want to share? We always take your requests into account.

From a service you offer to another service you offer, well help you throw a memorable party that your guests will love and never forget. Best Birthday party magician in Houston,Tx.

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