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January 27,2016


Don,t Worry Be Happy?
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In The Beginning
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The greatest Discovery
What is Prayer?
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The Greatest Discovery

The Greatest discovery in modern times is that every person has within them a particle of creative force endowed with infinite intelligence resource and that this Power can be called upon at will. It is as much the servant  of the mind as was Alladin's fable genii of the lamp.
You have only to understand it and work in harmony with it to get from it anything you may need or desire.

Secret of Achievment

Keep before you in your minds eye the goal or thing in which you want to achieve. Even if you seem to be in the clutches of misfortune and the future looks black, dreary and lugubrious. Forget your fears. Realize that the future is of your own making. There is know power that can keep you down but yourself. Set your goal, forget about the obstacles in between, forget the difficulties in the way. Keep only the goal or the thing you desire before your minds eye and YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT!!

Don't Worry Be Happy?

Don't Worry Be Happy? Great song great message but for most of us it's easier said than done. However I say unto you if all would agree to give up worrying, to be industrious but never anxious about the outcome it would mean a new era in human progress. An age of liberty, of freedom from bondage.
Therefore become like the birds and all of nature you see around you. Incessantly activebuilding homes finding sustenance but never ever worrying.
Know that there is abundance for everyone and that all those things you need and desire will be added unto you.

Professor Hughdini Magical Wisdom

Don't sale yourself for a penny. For whatever price you put upon yourself Life will give. Aim high demand much!

Hpuston Magician Professor Hughdini

 Houston Magician Professor Hughdini is looking forward to performing for The Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet in Sugarland, Tx

Professor Hughdini wisdom of the ages.

Wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living person you meet a smile. You never know when you might be entertaining an Angel unawares.

Magical entertainment

Happy New year one and all. Professor Hughdini and Team are looking forward to a wonderful 2013. With shows booked  for Houston, Tx, Sugarland Tx. and Katy Tx. so far it looks to be a very busy year having lots of fun and making many new friends.There nothing better than contributing to a wonderful birthday party, banquet entertainment or just good magical entertainment. We look forward to seeing many of you out there. Until then God Bless and we will see you soon.-Professor Hughdini