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Single Mindedness

The people that live in beautiful homes, have plenty of money to spend, who travel about in yachts and fine cars are for the most part people who started out to accomplish one definite thing. They had one clear goal in mind and everything they did centered on that goal.

Then there are those people who just jog along in a rut. Going along in the same routine day after day eking out a bare livelihood with no definite desire other than the vague hope that fortune will someday drop in their lap.

A life such as that is no better than the animals live. They work all day for money to buy bread to give them strength to work all the next day to buy more bread. There is nothing to it but the daily search for food and sustenance. No time for anything but worry and struggle. No hope for anything but the surcease of sorrow and  death.

If they only knew they could have anything they want if they wanted it bad enough. They could be or accomplish anything  if they would just hold to that desire with SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE. If they would only understand and believe in their own powers to accomplish . Knowing that THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN resides within them. 

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